Review | Syd-Fin

Syd Tha Kyd from the emo-soul group ” The Internet”. Is embarking on her solo journey with her new album titled Fin. I been a fan of hers since the Odd Future days. Her voice is so soothing, sexy, and her lyrics are honest. When speaking of life and love, you must walk in those shoes.  This twelve track album is a smooth mellow enticing sound. Just picture late nights with a glass of wine, reminiscing on life, passed loves or current. This album will set the mood. One of my favorite tracks are “Insecurities”, is about being in a toxic loving relationship and being to insecure to leave. But finds the courage to leave because you deserve better.  ” You can thank my insecurities for keeping me around you babe, You know I love you girl maybe more than I love myself, but in a perfect world I would be with somebody else, Now I’m walking away”.  This song speaks in volumes. If I never was insecure with myself, I would have never loved you nor even be with you. You should thank me for loving you because I was good to you, even though you didn’t deserve it. Like I said before, she is honest. Speaks to the heart and makes you relive that moment.

Favorite Tracks 

  1. ❤ Smile More
  2. YOU THANK ME….. ❤ Insecurities 
  3. ON my grown women Sh*!…. ❤ Body
  4. No Complaints (interlude)
  5. Are you ready baby….Drown In It (interlude) 
  6. YOU can’t tell me nothin…Shake them off
  7. In love with a bad B#%^…..Got Her Own 
  8. All About Me
  9. New me …..Nothin to Somethin
  10. Do something for a little change…..Dollars Bills

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